Our smart audit, a direct evaluation tool for your customer/supplier relationship

04. 23. 20 1 minute
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A good relationship and complete understanding are essential in customer/supplier relations, ensuring that communication is optimal and results meet your expectations. To achieve this, your brand’s values, commitments and quality standards must be shared by your supplier.

Our smart audit, a direct evaluation tool for your customer/supplier relationship

At Parcome Paris, we seek to meet our clients’ every expectation and are constantly challenging ourselves with this in mind. That’s why our teams have created an evaluation tool - the smart audit - to help you take a step back and review the relationship you have with your packaging supplier.

In just twelve questions (and three minutes of reflection), you’ll get insight into your supplier’s different practices and how you evaluate their support and conduct. "Are they pro-active? Responsive and agile faced with order changes? Do they share the same environmental concerns?" There are so many criteria to take into account when choosing the very best possible supplier.

Indeed, through your supplier selection, you have the ability to encourage businesses that, for example, incorporate environmental and societal issues into their actions.

At the end of the questionnaire, you will also discover personalised advice to successfully carry out your future projects, consistent with what your business is and represents.

To access your smart audit, please follow this link. Our Parcome Paris teams are at your disposal to discuss your results!

Do you have 3 minutes?

Try our Smart Audit!
Written by
Charlotte MATTEI
Key Account Manager - Parcome
Collaboration Sustainability Product / Quality / Luxury
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